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‘iPhone Nano Mockup’

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Analysts are speculating that Apple may unleash a smaller and cheaper version of the relatively expensive iPhone that should be launched in the fourth quarter. The design of the iPhone could be based on its iPod nano music player. Currently a lot of mockups can be found showing concepts of Apples answer to Android. Impressed by some ideas I designed an iPhone nano mockup on my own.

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‘Mäxchen (Mia) now available for iPhone and iPod touch’

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Mia (also known as “Meiern” or “Mäxchen”) is probably the most famous party dice game and available for your iPhone and iPod touch. It is played with 2 dice and sometimes the rules force you to lie – so are you the better bluffer?

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‘Simple Tooltip with CSS and jQuery’

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Recently I was searching for a tooltip plugin that provides the possibility to show an “advanced” tooltip for each title attribute. “Advanced” means that it should support HTML formatting, like bold, italic or a simple line break. There are several powerful (and over-engineered) plugins out there (e.g. jQuery Tools), however they did not fulfill my requirements. So I did it on my own.

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